As a practising watercolor painter, I have had the opportunity to attend many art workshops with renown artists I admire, both local and international. I enjoy both painting in the studio and plein aire, sharing ideas, inspiring each other and learning to improve and grow as an artist. I welcome the challenge of learning different techniques, dealing with a variety of subject matter, and deciding what works for me. Experiencing the food, music, art, and history of the places and countries I visit has given me a much wider appreciation of the beauty and differences we all have to offer. Painting, creating, travelling, meeting new friends and old, is the ultimate goal I intend to continue doing. * I hope you enjoy this small sampling of my work.

6 photo(s) Updated on: May 25, 2021
  • Fractured Still Life
  • Blue Poppies
  • Riding Into The Sunset
  • Red Boat In The Harbour (Hydra)
  • Hollyhocks

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