I have been an artist for more than 20 years and started dabbling in mixed media about 5 years ago. I discovered a process

of altering discarded magazine pages with an eco friendly cleaning solution which melts the ink on these pages.  It created such unique textures and patterns and I started using them in collage.  My collage works are finished with a high gloss coat of resin which gives an ethereal quality.  This collection, “Beaches” was inspired by our last trip to Mexico, just before Covid hit.  I

created these works  in the winter of 2020/21 as I was longing for the deserted beaches, beautiful Caribbean waters and warm sunny days.   The process of collage gives me freedom to create, without borders. I sit at my worktable and let the pages guide

me in a very free flow manner, not knowing what the outcome will be.  I have found such refuge in my art studio this year, it has

given me a purpose and permission to play, wonder, ponder and just accept the solitude.

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I Am Sorry

Mixed Media

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