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Is Creativity Important?

May 03, 2023 4:08 PM | Anonymous

Is Creativity Important?                                                   

Simply put – yes - creativity is as important to our health as physical activities. It gives us the opportunity to explore new ideas, gives us new ways of thinking and allows us to problem solve. Through self expression we can create our own ‘visual’ creation of our feelings, ideas and experiences. It may manifest in a painting, a piece of pottery or a story, no matter the medium we use, the act of creating gives us many benefits.

Firstly, we become better problem solvers. How you ask? No ‘art’ form has a user manual so we have to learn new and resourceful ways to overcome a predicament in our creation, whether we are working with a physical object or a concept.

Secondly, we connect to other people creating in the same way, giving us an instant sense of belonging and community. This allows us to exchange ideas, provides feedback and a sense of connection. Creativity also helps with stress relief. When we are using our hands, minds and energy doing something we enjoy and creating something, daily life disappears as our concentration is on that particular endeavor. 

Once in the creative zone, time feels limitless and the more we immerse ourselves in it the more time we gain. We also gain a better sense of self awareness and expression. When we create we gain insights into our habits, impulses and desires, which in turn allow us to express ourselves better in our daily lives. When we create we can take risks and try new things.

Other benefits include saving money (well it can if you don’t go overboard with the creative supplies!) When we learn how to make something not only do we get a great sense of fulfillment but negate the need to buy those items. We can create specific items for family and friends, engage in community or charity projects, and maybe even sell our creations.

            Here are some benefits for various creative activities:

1.    Writing – there are many genres of writing from journaling to creating a novel. It is a vehicle of expression that can be deeply personal and allow us to voice deep seated problems or a way to formulate stories and ideas we want to share.

2.    Singing – physical benefits are correct posture and lung capacity, but it can also boost our immune system. It is also a great way to have fun and learn new music within a group.

3.    Dancing – is a fun way to get fit. It improves muscle tone, cardiovascular health, balance and coordination and can be enjoyed alone or in a social setting.

4.    Painting, drawing and sculpting – visual arts have a significant impact on the areas of the brain that process emotions, pleasure and reward and it also reduces anxiety. Although, visual art is subjective – we like what we like – the colours, shapes and textures create a pleasing experience.

5.    Playing an instrument – early musical lessons have been found to improve reading and math skills as well as improve brain functions, such as problem solving and memory retention. Apart from the fact that music is enjoyable to listen to and create.

When we ‘create’ something from scratch we get a real sense of accomplishment and the more we practice the better we become. Finding a group of people, who share our enthusiasm and support and help us when we are learning the ‘ropes’ expands our social circle, and gives us the ability to be innovative and imaginative.

There are many groups and organizations within Strathcona County that you can investigate for your particular creative interest. Here is a small selection.

1.       Writing – The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County

2.       Singing – The Festival Singers

3.       Dance -

4.       Painting -

5.       Music  -

Now…go get started on being creative!

Written by: Mandy Eve-Barnett, Secretary, Writers Foundation of Strathcona County

© Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County

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